Family Friday

On New Year's eve our sister and brother-in-law, along with their two girls threw a "Polar Bear Midnight Swim Party!" So with 15 minutes to go, the kids threw on their suits and went into the heated pool to ring in the New Year. The kids had a blast, and while it wasn't Spokane kind of cold, it was still in the 50's and much too cold for me to jump in with them.

I made all the pictures small this time, because they take less time to upload that way, feel free to click on them and you can see them better. This is Mikey, teeth chattering.

And this is how Haley rang in the New Year! Poor girl just couldn't hang, she fell asleep with only 30 minutes to go. We tried to wake her up, but she just couldn't do it!

This one is for Aunt Jennifer...at long last, after 4 moves, the sombrero had to go. It was a nice gift, one that was totally deserved after the taxidermy alligator head for your birthday. Michael had one last blast doing the Mexican hat dance, and then we had to say adios!

We were supposed to go to Disney World the day after Christmas as one of the kids' presents, but Haley Pie threw up on the way and was running a fever later in the afternoon so we didn't make it. To sort of make up for it, we went to Sea World in San Antonio instead. The kids saw a couple of shows, were totally thrilled by Shamu and rode their first roller coaster the Shamu Express. This was another ride, where they take you up and then let you drop. I was thrilled to see that parents didn't have to ride with them...I
hate that feeling you get in your tummy when you fall.

Last, but certainly not least here are two reasons why you shouldn't leave a two year old unattended, at any time. Yes, those are what you think, stuck to his shirt. I had a bunch of stuff unpacked on my bathroom counter, but not put away yet, and he got into it. (Really there is stuff unpacked but not put away yet all over my house! This is a slow process.)

And reason #2, they can sniff out the candy like bloodhounds. He rode into the pantry on his train, and had himself a snack. It was one of those moments when the house is way too quiet so you know you need to investigate.

They keep me on my toes around here. Here's hoping your week was as wonderful as ours!


Vintage Mommy said...

SOOOOO funny!!! Love that picture of Jeremiah!!!

Jared and Caleb had fevers during Christmas week, too.

Carrie said...


That is awesome--the pantiliners!!

So glad you made it to Houston safe and sound!!

Jessica said...

That's so funny! My two-year-old woke up early one morning and ate all of his Advent chocolates before Dad and Mom were out of bed. So, I know the feeling.