Family Friday

I had this great Family Friday post all laid out in my mind, complete with pictures from our trip, and the stories to go with them, but I can't find my USB cord to get photos off my camera!! Oh the joys of moving and living out of boxes!

All is well here, the trip was great. Our kids were better than we could have asked for, courtesy of Grammy and Papa who fixed the kids up with a traveling toy bonanza! They got one of those things that hangs over the back of the seat and loaded it up with new things for the kids to play with on the trip, it was a hit!

One time I drove with my emergency brake on for about 15 miles, 70 mph on the highway. I couldn't figure out why the van was shaking!! So I roasted the parking brake, and man it smelled BAD!

We had our alignment done just before we left and LES SCHWAB didn't tighten my lug nuts down all the way. Just after leaving Boise the van was rattling so we pulled over and Michael figured out what the problem was. He said we were "this close" to losing a tire on the highway. Praise God that didn't' happen!

About 15 minutes after the lug nuts were fixed up, Haley started puking. Poor girl gets motion sickness. But that was the only time she got sick.

I will save the rest for another post, I really want to show off some pictures of the family we got to see along the way.


Carrie said...

What an adventure!!

Did I tell you my sis lives in Houston? I bet you have a little bit better weather there today than we have in MI. It's already snowed 5 inches and we're expecting 8-9!

Enjoy the heat and good luck unpacking! You know if I lived closer, I'd be heading over with a starbucks, a playpen to stick the midget in, and we'd have a blast unpacking!

jenny said...

Yikes! I thought you said your trip was uneventful!

Very interesting that Haley gets carsick. Caleb does, too! He always has--ever since he was a baby.

Mrs. Dunbar said...

Awesome. I'm glad you made it and have a story to tell. The toy thing sounds fantastic. I'll have to remember that next time someone I know is moving.
Keep us posted.

Anonymous said...

I'm happy you made it to Houston OK. Happy Birthday MDS! I miss you. I wish I were in Houston. We have about a foot of snow. Dan and I take turns shoveling the walk. Tomorrow it's my turn. Bummer! Chris