Project #6...Check!

The boat oar-growth chart project is finally checked off of my crafty-to-do-list! It honestly took me about half an hour, not including the times I had to stop and let paint dry. I should've spent more time prepping the oar before I painted it, but I just spray painted right over the top of the existing paint, mural and all. Which took much less time, but the finished product has a few more flaws. And I didn't have any good painters tape, so I freehanded the stripes. Which means they are not super perfect, but again, good enough! AND I put the vinyl name sticker on crooked. AND I still need to paint over the nail holes, but I can't find where I put the white paint. Overall it was fast, easy, and I am satisfied to finally have it done!

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Anonymous said...

Cute, Cute, CUTE!!

Now, I am off to peek at your "crafty-to-do" list. :o}