The joy of motherhood comes in moments

One of the things Michael and I try really hard to do, is foster a great friendship between all the kids. We want them to grow up as buddies rather than rivals. So when I heard the following conversation in the backseat of our van today, I was thrilled!

Mikey: Tomorrow is Wednesday and we are going to the YMCA for swimming!

Haley:Yeah, I love to swim, but I won't jump in.

M:I'm gonna jump in, I'm not scared because I like it when my feet get at the bottom.

H:I am scared of by myself to jump in (notice the three year old grammar!)

M:If I hold your hand, we can jump in together and then you won't be scared Haley, can I do that to you?

H:Sure Mikey, then I can jump too, will Daddy be there?

AWWWWWWWWW, my heart melted.


Ben and Sarah said...

Hey, I'm so excited that you read and utilized Baby Wise. Any other tips and/or advice along those lines? I'm almost through the book and I definitely need to read it again and again so I absorb everything! It's neat that you are able to compare your first two kids to the last two "babywise" kids...glad to hear there's actually a difference! Thanks again! Hope you're all doing well!

Jodie Allen said...

that is so so sweet! i can't wait for parker to talk more so the girls can have conversations like that... hopefully at least! :)

Melanie said...

I think I might have had a little tear! Have I ever told you that I love your kids....a lot!